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Scheduling your meal times and sticking to them is very vital. It might feel very satisfying to consume supper late at night, but this comes with several consequences. This could be nightmares, digestion problems, and weight gain. Let’s find out when you should stop eating at night and why.

When to Stop Eating at Night

One of the factors that determine your time to stop eating is your bedtime. Others may be the amount you have consumed and what you have eaten. Ensure you consume your last meal three or four hours before sleeping. Considering that everyone has a different lifestyle, ensure that your last meal permits you to have a 12-hour overnight fast.

Why You Should Avoid Late Night Eating

Did you know that unhealthy eating mainly occurs at night? Here are some of the reasons you should avoid eating late at night.

Digestion Problems

If you consume food late at night and then go to bed, you will likely experience acid reflux and indigestion. Indigestion makes you feel bloated, nauseous, and extra full. On the other hand, acid reflux results in heartburn, sour taste in the mouth, and throat stinging.

Effect on Weight and Metabolism

Consuming meals late at night reduces your metabolism and causes weight gain. To manage weight gain, concentrate on consuming a lower-calorie dinner.

Interference With Your Sleep

If you have stress that interferes with your sleep and you take that chance to take a snack, you will worsen the situation. This is because eating at night will cause digestion problems which consequently affects your sleep. It is essential to avoid consuming caffeinated drinks and alcohol since they will interfere with your sleep. You might also experience nightmares that disrupt your sleep.

What to Consume Late Night

If you have cravings and it’s late, control it by taking a small portion of a snack. Ensure that you avoid junk foods and consume foods with protein and fiber. This include:

• Nuts

• Crackers and cheese

• Chia seeds

• Greek yogurt

• Popcorn

• Trail mix

• Apples

• Chickpeas

Be mindful of what you are consuming, and try not to consume spicy, fried, fatty, and acidic foods. Eating supper at the right time guarantees peaceful sleep, and you also keep off from obesity. Ensure you observe your meal schedule at all times to prevent stomach discomfort.